The First Online Auction Place for

Wholesale Cannabis Products!

GreenLists is a digital marketplace where Sellers and Buyers can list (and bid on) wholesale cannabis products and equipment

  • SAVE LABOR - Reduce time spent on compliance with our auto-generated manifests.
  • FIND DEALS - Auction-style options allow Buyers and Sellers to negotiate in real-time.
  • SAVE TIME - Automated delivery scheduling with licensed transporters.
  • INCREASE SALES - A new sales channel that fits into existing workflows.
  • SAVE MONEY- No upfront costs or monthly subscriptions. Free to use!
  • REST EASY - All users and products are METRC verified.

How it Works...

Step 1

Become a Member

GreenLists is only open to licensed operators in states where cannabis is legal. There are no upfront costs or monthly fees. By providing a few details about your cannabis business, we can verify your eligibility and schedule an onboarding session to get your company live on the marketplace.

Step 2

Explore Listings

Once you are a member, you can create your own listings or bid on listings from other members. GreenLists is directly integrated with METRC, so you can be sure that the product details are accurate and that all sellers on the marketplace are verified to be legal, reputable operators.

Step 3

Let us do the work!

GreenLists makes transactions a breeze! Once a listing ends, the winning bid is revealed and GreenLists automatically generates a manifest for your approval. GreenLists also forwards the required info to a licensed transporter who handles delivery and payment pick-up, if necessary.

A quick Video Tour:

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Why use GreenLists?

  • An Industry First. We’re the first online auction place for wholesale cannabis!
  • Save Time. GreenLists automatically generates METRC manifests for approval.
  • Save Money. No cost to join! Find deals you can't get anywhere else!
  • Save Manpower. Product pickup and delivery are automatically scheduled with a licensed transporter.
  • Discover.  New popular products and deals that you won't find anywhere else!
  • No More Long Forms. Use our Chat style interface to quickly upload products and create listings!
  • Use Anywhere. Download our app to create listings or bid on auctions from your phone.
  • No Downside. Use Reserve Pricing to set a minimum acceptable bid amount.

Apply Now!

GreenLists only allows license holders and users with state-issued badge numbers, to access the marketplace. Please provide the required info below: